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We are living in very challenging times. 

There is a significant threat to our lives, our health and our well-being.

Huge restrictions have been placed upon us and many - such as parents and health-workers — are feeling completely overwhelmed.

Financially, almost all of us know that we are going to be negatively effected.

In times such as these, it is completely normal to be feeling anxious. 

Most of us are feeling scared. 

Many are feeling overwhelmed.

Still others feel a deep sense of insecurity and a sense of loss of control. 

At such times, we need support.

This group aims to provide a forum for you: 

  • to feel the comforting support of a group 

  • in which you can talk safely and openly about your feelings 

  • and in which you can learn numerous helpful coping skills

Starting on 6th April 2020, the group will take place online weekly on Mondays at 5.30pm (UK) and will last 90 minutes.

The cost is £25 per person and the group will be limited to 12 people.

If you are interested, please email me via this link:

Please take good care of yourself.

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