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  • Bill Petrie

Don't fight reality!

We all fight reality in the sense that we don't accept things as they are.

And, "Why should I?" you might ask. "There are so many things wrong with the world."

"And, there is so much that I can do to improve myself."

And, I would answer that, even if we accept both of these things to be true, things are irrefutably exactly as they are right now.

Acceptance, then, is not about judging things to be good or bad, right or wrong

Acceptance is about coming to terms with the way we are - and the way the world is - right now!

It's madness not to accept how things are because things are exactly as they are.

This is the only reality.

And, if we manage to accept that, we will begin to relax and we will then be much better placed to know clearly:

- what we wish to change

- whether or not it's really possible to change what we wish to change

- whether or not it's wise to change what we wish to change

- Whether or not changing what we wish to change is the best place to apply our life energy given what we wish to create in our lives

Accepting reality, then, becomes an essential ingredient both on the path to peace and on the path to wisdom.

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