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Over decades of work as a therapist, I have discovered that I was by no means the only one that felt lost, that got depressed, and that wandered off down the wrong path.


So many have lost their enthusiasm and become dissillusioned.


And, over and over again, people ask me:


"How do I know what I should be doing with my life"?

And so, it has become a passion of mine to help people find their way home.


So, if you:


  • are feeling lost​​​

  • are feeling stuck

  • are feeling confused

  • are tired of the life that you are living!


then Soul Work Coaching is for you!

Through Soul Work Coaching we become aware that we are being called to live in a very particular way and, the more we listen to and act on this calling, the more we feel at home in the world.


If you are interested, then email me by clicking here. 

Alternatively, you are very welcome to book a free 20 minute exploratory session by clicking here.

We'll have an honest discussion that will help you to decide if I'm the right coach for you.

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