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Settling Our Troubled Minds

To be resilient in an uncertain and changing world, we need to make good decisions but we also need to learn to relax.


If we do manage to relax, our minds will relax too and the result will be far fewer anxious thoughts and we will end up feeling more secure.


A mind with relatively few thoughts is a settled mind - a deliciously peaceful way to be.


Now, learning to settle our minds is a long process but a very good place to start is with the tracks I have created for you: The Body Scan and The Chill Pill.

The Body Scan is a guided meditation that relaxes you and brings you into much greater awareness of your body (and so takes you away from a focus on the disturbing thoughts in your mind).

The Chill Pill really compliments The Body Scan. It will also help your mind to relax and settle in a safe but powerful way. 

I would suggest that you try both tracks and use them to settle your mind in a way that you find works best for you.


But, before you do, please read about each track below.

The Body Scan:

In today's world, almost all of us are plagued by over-busy minds and, if we observe our minds very carefully, we will find:


  • Endless commentary

  • Numerous worries

  • And many critical and self-critical thoughts


And, if we are discerning, we will notice that most of our thoughts are really of no value at all.


In fact, they tend make us feel:


  • anxious

  • stressed

  • frustrated

  • harassed

  • angry

  • hurt

  • deflated

  • guilty

  • ashamed

  • and much else besides.


And, perhaps one of the most destructive aspects of this is that - in thinking so much - we have become relatively disconnected from our bodies and this makes it much harder for us to relax, to restore, to be in touch with our hearts and to be at peace with ourselves and the world.


The Body Scan aims to help you to begin to change that!


‘The Body Scan’ is a guided meditation:

  • that will help you to take your attention off the thoughts that plague you in your mind.

  • that will help you to become aware of and connected to your body

  • and that will help you to relax


In listening to The Body Scan you will be guided through the sensations in your body.


The trick is to be curious about what you experience directly as you are guided through the process.


In other words, try not to focus on thoughts about what you are experiencing.


Rather, focus on the direct experience itself.

And, if your mind gets bored, well, that’s good!


Your mind is far more likely to switch off if it’s bored, leaving you in peace to explore the experience of your body.


To listen, all you have to do is:

  • Download ‘The Body Scan’


       To do this:

  • Go to the music player above  ​

  • Hover over ‘The Body Scan’

  • and click 'Download.'

  • Find twenty minutes when you won’t be disturbed 

  • Sit yourself comfortably with your feet on the floor

  • Listen to the track with or without headphones

  • And enjoy the experience.


Most people prefer to listen to the track with their eyes closed. 

I would suggest that you listen to this track at least twice before making up your mind whether or not it is helpful for you.

Let me know how it worked for you!


The Chill Pill:

‘The Chill Pill’ uses two cutting-edge audio technologies - ‘binaural beats’ and ‘isochronic tones.’


Both technologies embed pulses of sound in the background of a soothing sound track.


All you have to do is to listen to the track with stereo headphones in the same way as you would with any of your music.


The pulses of sound will play in the background.


Sometimes you will be able to hear the pulses; sometimes not.


Whether or not you hear them, the background pulses will relax your brain and, as a result, your mind will begin to relax and there will be far less mental chatter.


It’s as simple as that!

All you have to do is:

  • Download 'The Chill Pill


       To do this:

  • Go to the music player above  

  • Hover over 'The Chill Pill

  • and click 'Download.'

  • Find a half an hour when you won’t be disturbed 

  • Sit yourself comfortably

  • Listen to the track with stereo headphones

  • And enjoy the experience.


It’s a relaxing and very pleasant experience and I find that those who do not take easily to meditation often are able to use this track to very good effect.


But, please: 


  • note that this track is not suitable for:

  • pregnant women,

  • those who suffer from epilepsy

  • and those who are deeply traumatised or clinically depressed.

If any of these apply to you, please just use The Body Scan.

Please note:


  • that it is very important that you listen with stereo headphones.

  • please don’t listen to this track while doing any other activity. It’s not safe to do so and it’s not good for your brain.

  • that, very occasionally, I find that someone feels a bit tenser – in the first five minutes or so. They may, for example, feel a tightening in their chest. If this happens to you, know that this is simply your mind resisting the relaxation. It will pass! Simply continue listening and you will find that you will begin to relax in a most pleasant way.

Most people prefer to listen to the track with their eyes closed.


It is fine if you fall asleep while listening. You will still get significant benefits but please make sure that the track is not looping (i.e. playing over and over again).


Enjoy 'The Chill Pill.' I have used it with great success with many, many clients.

Let me know how you experienced it!


Here are a few of many positive reviews:

"The Chill Pill is an extraordinary mediation tool. As a beginner at Meditation it has really helped me still my busy mind and allows me to reorganise my often scattered thoughts. Great tool to facilitate quick access into deep states of relaxation. I highly recommend it."

Liam Peterson, Cape Town


"The Chill Pill is really beautiful. I felt very relaxed and peaceful listening to the's great!"

Jeremy Bilder, London


“The Chill Pill is a fantastic tool which has helped me particularly with regards to sleep problems.  I’ve been struggling to fall asleep over the last few months and I often lie awake until sunrise.  Using The Chill Pill has enabled me to fall asleep at a normal, reasonable hour in an effortless manner usually before the track has even completed!  It’s also pleasant to listen to and a useful complement to a traditional meditation regime.”

Ryan Morison, UK


"Just listening to The Chill Pill - love it"

Andy Wackernagel, UK

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