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Traumatic events can have a dramatically negative impact on our lives.

Following a trauma, we can become:

  • anxious

  • irritable

  • angry

  • depressed

  • jumpy

  • withdrawn

  • avoidant

and we can be plagued by:

  • nightmares

  • flashbacks (re-experiencing the trauma in the present)

  • difficulty sleeping

  • poor concentration

  • emotional negativity

  • emotional numbness

  • guilt, shame, and a  sense of blame


The good news is that most traumas can be treated in a relatively short time. 


... as long as very specific treatment methods are used.


And one of the most successful of those methods is EMDR, a method that has grown and developed enormously since I first began to use it in 1994.

EMDR is quick and effective and the experience of EMDR is considerably less intrusive and much less unpleasant than any talking therapy.

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Typical testimonial:

The approach that Bill had during my sessions with him was something I have never experienced during psychotherapy. Having to work through some severe trauma, I was expecting a very lengthy journey to recovery.


Bill was very quick to analyze the root of the various problems I was currently experiencing and suggested a very head on solution. Using EMDR therapy, he got to the very core of my trauma in a surprisingly quick amount of time. Not being familiar with this technique, I was apprehensive at first and didn’t know what to expect. Bill interacted with me in the most respectful and insightful manner and guided me through the therapy in a very skilled, compassionate and gentle manner.


With his comprehension of spirituality and his experience in coaching, he subtly guided me into making choices that would be much healthier for my future and I can only thank him for what he has done for me and my career path.


Thank you Bill for being a truly insightful practitioner with an empathic approach.

Reinette du Toit

Film Industry Professional, Cape Town


Some of the more common traumas that I work with include:

  • muggings and armed robberies

  • rapes, date rapes, attempted rapes

  • terminations

  • Traumatic ends to relationships

  • motor vehicle accidents

  • violent assaults or the witnessing of extreme violence 

  • major surgery

  • finding that one has a severe illness 

  • near-death experiences 

  • the unexpected death of someone close

  • and many others

If you would like to find out more, you are very welcome to book a free 20 minute session so that we can explore your options further:

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