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Starting in September 2016, I'm am very pleased to be offering:


This unique program is the culmination of more than thirty years of work.


It comes out of the realisation that one of the most important questions

you could ask yourself is:

‘Are you living a life that feels deeply true to who you really are?’

If you're not... it’s time to make some changes... time to get back on track.


And, the Nine-month Program is designed to help you to do just that.

The Nine-month Program is unique to each participant.


Together, we tailor a process that is just right for you.

We begin with:


  • Two one-hour online sessions during which I will get to know you well enough for us to be able to set up the start of your individualised program of learning and discovery.


The remainder of The Program will include:


  • Eight additional individual hour-long online sessions


  • Further mentoring via email - twice a week


  • Access to unique audio and video material that will help you on your journey of discovery


  • Recommended reading to help you to deepen your insight and understanding


  • A variety of practices that will help you to deepen the work


During your nine-month program you will be:

  • Learning how to uncover who you really are

  • Exploring what you most deeply want for your life


  • Becoming skilled at settling an over-busy and critical mind


  • Learning how to work with difficult emotions


  • Acquiring tools for working with both positive and negative subtle-energy


  • Learning how to ground, center and balance yourself


  • Discovering how to open your heart


  • Implementing numerous self-care practices

  • Learning how to live a truly authentic life

  • Developing clarity about your own spiritual path


Remember, your program will be uniquely your own and so it may include numerous other elements.

The Dates:


  • The Program will start in September, 2016 and will run through to June 2017.

The Cost 


The cost for the entire program is $1440. This consists of nine monthly payments of $160 starting on 1st September 2016.


*But, you can register before 1st August 2016 and get an earlybird discount*

The earlybird cost of the the Program is $290 paid upfront by 1 August 2016, followed by nine automated monthly payments of $110. The total cost of the early-bird is $1280.


Either fee is a small fraction of the cost of coaching or therapy on a weekly basis over nine months.


Please note that, because of the individual nature of each program,

there is only place for 12 participants.


So please don't leave it too late!

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