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Congratulations and Season's greetings to you!


You have been gifted the Inner Peace program.

The Inner Peace program is designed to help you to access a much greater sense of inner peace in your life.

So, what does the Inner Peace program consist of?

Each and every week for three months, you will receive a link to an audio download together with a booklet packed with valuable information.


With these, you will be carefully guided through the program. 



The first download will be available on Monday 7th January 2019 and you can start the program at any time after that.

Tell me more!


This program is based on the realisation that profound inner peace is our natural state.


Think of a time, for example, when you were on holiday - a time when there were very few responsibilities and no particular problem to solve - when life was simple, when you had time to really slow down. Let’s say that you were on a beach in Greece and you’d spent the later part of the afternoon lying on the warm sand when the temperature was just right. And - as the sun sank - you sat up lazily and simply watch the sun go down over the sea. No rush, no thought, just a relaxed body, deep contentment and the view of the sun slowly sinking into the sea.


That is the state that we want more of in our lives.


The problem is that evolution has created another mind - a mind that is designed to notice and solve problems - a mind that causes us to worry, to feel anxious, to feel guilty, to feel overwhelmed - and this mind drags us away from our natural state of inner peace.


The Inner Peace program helps us to settle this anxious mind, leaving us feeling much greater peace inside.

Is this just another meditation course?


No, it's not.

There will be meditations but the aim is not to teach meditation for meditation's sake.


The meditations that are included aim to help you find the kind of meditation that is most helpful to you in stilling you own mind.

What else is included?

Well, a great deal.

You - or the person you buy the program for - will learn:


how to ground yourself

how to settle your subtle energy

how to work with acceptance 

how to use quick centering techniques

how to drive out intrusive energy

and how to work with your life circumstances to create more inner peace in your life.

I will contact you with the first download link on Monday 7th January 2019.

Who am I?

I, Bill, have been exploring inner peace for more than three decades.

If you want to find out more about me, please feel free to explore this site.

I wish you a very good festive season and look forward to working with you in the New Year.


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