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All of us have experienced traumas in our lives but some of us are still seriously affected by the memories of them.


If you are, it's time to get help.


EMDR is, in my opinion, the optimal way to treat traumatic memories.


EMDR is unlike any other form of therapy. 


It is not a form of hypnosis. You remain in control during the whole process.

EMDR appears to use the same processing mechanism in the brain that is used during rapid eye-movement sleep - the sleep we all go through at night when we are dreaming.

That means that EMDR feels like a very natural process.


Your brain does the work for you in a very natural way while you remain completely in control.

And all of it can be processed very successfully during online sessions.


You will be able to remember the facts of the matter after processing but the negative feelings will have been put to rest and the memories will no longer haunt you.

So, please don't suffer any more than you have to.

Book a free 20-minute session so that we can explore your options further:

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