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If you’ve ever been in a long-term relationship you’ll know that it’s not always easy. 


At times you’ll find yourself feeling hurt, angry or disillusioned…


The reality is that all long-term relationships go through difficult times.

These difficult times are wake-up calls indicating that your relationship needs care and attention. 


The problem is that very few of us have the necessary insight, wisdom or skills to repair our relationships or to make them work.

But, it is possible:


  • to learn how to create the safety and trust that is essential in all relationships

  • to learn how to talk to your partner – kindly and clearly

  • to learn how to listen in a way that allows you to really understand your partner (perhaps for the first time)

  • to learn how to create a deep sense of 'we' (in addition to the 'you' and 'I')

In essence you will be learning how to really love someone while - at the same time - learning how to make a relationship work.

So, if you’re needing help as a couple, couples therapy is the ideal way to go.

I work both online and face-to-face with couples.

And you can start the process by sending me an email by clicking here.


Or you can book a free 30 minute exploratory session by clicking here.

In more than 25 years of working with couples, I have seen that most relationships can be healed.

So, please don’t leave it too late!

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