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Couples Counselling

All long-term relationships go through difficult times.

Difficult times simply indicate that your relationship needs skilful care and attention. 


The problem is that, very often, we don't know how.

Relationships are complex so they need expert care.

And that's why professional help can be enormously helpful.


I have been working successfully with couples for over 30 years.

Today, I work online with couples all over the world.


So, wherever you are, help is at hand.

When you are ready, book a free 20 minute session so that we can explore your options further:

Typical testimonial:


"We were recommended Bill for couple counselling around 4 years ago by a close friend and he has been our most consistent and trusted support ever since.


Bill is incredibly thorough and precise at listening to and understanding the subtleties of us as individuals and our different emotions and needs as a man and woman. He has shown and taught us how to best work our relationship as a couple. His help has got us through many life changes and milestones. Made us stronger together as a partnership but also as individuals. He is highly skilled and passionate in his profession."

Rebecca and Sam Talbot, Yoga Teacher and Director/Producer respectively, London.

You are also very welcome to email me by clicking on the button below:

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